Training, Implementation & System Audits


Training is provided as part of the implementation process offered by African Human Logistics. Additional training is available at any time and all training typically follows a train-the-trainer approach where we’ll train your employees to train others in your organisation.

Training is typically conducted on site on the client’s training system (separate installation that’s a copy of the production system) to ensure methodologies and data being trained on is familiar to trainees.


Services typically conducted during implementations include:

  • Configuration Services – Working through your system to edit/add/remove fields and turn off tabs to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • Migration Services – Transferring data from older systems / legacy systems / Excel sheets into INX.
  • Integration Services – INX Software integrates with a range of third-party tools, programs and systems to automatically update relevant information where required in the database. By integrating INX with other solutions, organisations eliminate the need for double data entry which offers significant time and cost savings.
  • Custom Report Development Services – The software comes with a number of pre-configured reports though additional customised reports may be required from time-to-time which is then scoped and developed.

System Audits & Data Cleansing

Our system experts will review your system and look at outdated data and information, what is being used and what isn’t and how you can improve efficiencies. We can also work through your data to remove outdated people and information to ensure you’re working with the latest information.