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INX Software

What is INX Software?

INX Software is a Configurable, Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) browser and mobile capable solution that is used on a global scale to manage over 500,000 people from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies across logistics, safety, competence, training, compliance, health, stakeholders, obligations and environment.

The INX application is made up of a number of modules that can be implemented as standalone or an integrated (multiple modules) system.

Why INX Software?

  • Lower cost – lower up front and ongoing costs
  • Quicker implementation – less development, faster go live
  • Self-managed – managed by you for you
  • Grow with you – scalable solution to match your growth
  • Access to upgrades – regular releases available
  • 3rd party integration – easily integrates with existing systems

INX Software Modules

  • INX InControl

    INX InControl


    INX InControl is an event management system that assists in the recording and management of safety, health, environmental, security and community related incidents, audits, inspections, meetings and actions often across multiple sites. It provides automated follow-up, escalation and scheduling for monthly reporting, as well as various analysis tools. It also has a comprehensive risk management and assessment tool that’s integrated with the incident register, as well as manages personnel compliances like inductions, licenses and certificates with reminders for expired and about-to-expire compliances.

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  • INX InFlight

    INX InFlight


    INX InFlight is a fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) travel management software database system that can manage the movement of employees and contractors using any method of transportation across air, land and sea. It automates and centralizes bookings of travel and accommodation based on both work rosters and ad hoc travel and accommodation requirements. Once the rosters are set up, transportation and rooms are automatically assigned, and can be manually adjusted in response to ad hoc changes and employee/contractor movements. When booking and coordinating travel and accommodation for a whole workforce, errors are bound to occur. InFlight automatically flags any issues at the time of booking, giving you time to fix them and also provides granted users with a range of reporting and graphing tools which can be used to export reports and graphs at scheduled times.

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  • INX InTuition

    INX InTuition


    INX InTuition is a Role based Compliance, Competency and Procedure (CCP) management system. InTuition delivers a logical system to efficiently manage staff competency, role based compliance and procedural audits and documents. It has automated reminders that indicate to managers when people’s CCPs will be expiring, ensuring that all employees are always certified. It allows the capability to generate matrices to determine training gaps and assign employees to courses.

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  • INX InViron

    INX InViron


    INX InViron is an environmental monitoring and measurement module and is essentially an environmental data repository and reporting tool. It allows companies to capture an extensive range of environmental monitoring programs across air, water, soil, climate, waste, emissions, flora and fauna, vibration and more. Environmental data can be manually or automatically entered directly, uploaded from a spreadsheet or from your laboratory with the results being validated against set thresholds to ensure that any exceedances are highlighted and relevant people are automatically notified.

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  • INX InForm

    INX InForm


    INX InForm is an Obligation, Stakeholder and Communication management system that allows companies to track and document issues, communications and commitments. InForm provides the tools to manage obligations, stakeholders, issues and communications in the one centralised database. The solution enables companies to better understand and interact with their obligations and stakeholders through registers that are designed to profile, capture content, record documents and points of engagement or communications, establish action plans and record any breaches in compliance. Powerful reporting tools also assist companies to quantify obligation and stakeholder trends, flag non-compliances and issues and ensure that action plans are executed in due time by the responsible people.

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  • INX InHealth

    INX InHealth


    INX InHealth is the occupational health & hygiene module and is essentially used to capture data related to health assessments like pre-employment medicals, routine medical screenings, exit medicals etc. The forms used are configurable and most of the time the client’s current forms are replicated in InHealth so instead of these forms being filled in manually, they are completed on the computer, the benefit being that the data captured is immediately reportable. Exposure groups can be configured and then sampling programs can also be scheduled. Exposure limits can also be configured for reporting.

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  • INX +LMS

    INX +LMS


    INX +LMS allows training managers and administrators to develop, deliver and monitor training and assessments through SCORM compliant packages, multimedia, linked documents, procedures, policies, forums and more. INX +LMS automatically picks up information from the person profiles, online courses and competency configuration from INX InTuition saving you time and improving data accuracy. For every procedure created within INX InTuition, INX +LMS automatically creates courses using a standardised template which makes the procedures immediately available for review by users who need to read and understand them. Users can self-register and select induction roles configured within INX InTuition to provide direct access to personalised induction content. Upon completing a course, the user’s competencies, compliances and procedure records will be automatically updated in INX InTuition. A copy of the course certificate will also be stored against the profile for auditability and evidence purposes. Users are provided with a series of induction courses which are to be completed based on their specific requirements.

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  • INX +BI

    INX +BI


    INX +BI assists the entire workforce management process by simplifying reporting and graphing through a single screen, drill-down dashboard display. Gathering information on day-to-day operations is typically a time-consuming and complex task. This generally relies on multiple people, spreadsheets and systems but with INX +BI this is all managed for you in the one place, on the one screen. Your management meetings are now sorted. Create your own dashboards and reports and share this with approved colleagues. We go beyond the traditional email and links and provide the tools that allow you to embed your reports into blogs, wikis and portals.

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  • INX +Process

    INX +Process


    INX +Process is a simple to use tool that automates processes managed across the INX product range so that everything from site entry to mobilisation, booking requests, training and leave (to name a few), can now be performed in one secure and controlled location. INX +Process ensures that departmental managers across health and safety, HR, Training and Compliance, Travel and Logistics and general administration have complete control and visibility over requests, processes and approvals by providing a streamlined approach through a browser solution.

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